Waterproofing Solutions in Springfield, Illinois

As a professional engineer, Mr. McDermont is very knowledgeable in groundwater conditions occurring outside of your crawl space or basement. A detailed review of the possible sources of unwanted seepage into the basement or crawl space will be included in the inspection. We can recommend various options, typically involving minimal costs to correct these problems. Stabilize, Inc. has a waterproofing agent that can be applied to basement walls to minimize and/or eliminate seepage into the basement and resist mold growth. We also work with others when the situation is more severe, allowing you to get the best option at the best price.

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Common reasons for floods in homes are:

About Our Waterproofing Services

When can you expect service? Our phone lines are open 24/7, 365 days a year. We answer the emergency calls within 30 minutes of receipt. Your emergency is always our emergency.
Answers over the phone: we can give answers to your preliminary questions over the phone to put the band-aid on the issue until we can get there. However, in order to completely rectify your situation, we would need to be onsite to evaluate your emergency as quickly as possible. We then would explain to you our plan of action and the timeline in which we hope to complete it.
Time is so important – your time becomes our time and we spring into action immediately to partner with you for a satisfactory solution.
Economical: we are competitive in our rates, but more importantly we make sure that your problems have been completely rectified to your satisfaction before your final payment is due. We will work closely with you to not only complete in a timely manner but to exceed expectations of each job we complete.
Referrals: the very essence of who we are is in how satisfied our customers are. The very best advertising source that we have is YOU. If you are completely satisfied with our work, your friends will be.

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

The reason that having your basement waterproofed is so important is that it prevents any future problems with your home’s concrete foundation and thwarts any potential problems with your wooden structural beams. Having pools of water in your basement can result in mold growth which can have severe safety and health risks for your family. Additionally, if water seeps through into your foundation, it can crack the foundation which can lead to expensive repairs. 

Take a proactive approach and make things less stressful on yourself by contacting your local waterproofing experts in Springfield, Illinois. Basement waterproofing isn’t a minor task and it requires a professional’s expertise, which you will get at Stabilize.

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