Certified Professionals for Mold Removal, Waterproofing & Damage Restoration for those in the Peoria, Illinois area

At Stabilize, our focus is on mold removal, basement waterproofing solutions, and fire & water damage restoration for those in the Peoria, Illinois area. When mold makes its way into your home, it is important to contact a certified professional in order to rid yourself of the potential hazards that go along with mold growing and spreading throughout your home or business. Not only does it lower your property value, but it also poses certain health risks to you and your family. Additionally, we take steps to ensure that your home is completely waterproof which helps eliminate the threat of mold growth. Contact our team of professionals to learn more about how we can keep your property safe!

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Our Mold Removal Services in Peoria, Illinois

Mold is a kind of fungus that in some situations can be harmless. However, if there are mass amounts of mold growing inside of your home or business the result can lead to severe structural damage and health risks to you and your family. In short, mold spores are everywhere throughout the air and on surfaces and when the temperatures warm up and it starts to get humid – they thrive. Situations that can exponentially increase mold growth are water damage, plumbing pipe leaks, and sewer backups. Pretty much anywhere there is excessive moisture, you run the risk of potential mold growth. Therefore, it is important to have your local certified mold removal professionals on speed dial. In the Peoria, Illinois area, Stabilize specializes in mold inspections, mold testing, and mold remediation to keep your property free and clear of that pesky fungus that can cause serious consequences. For more information about how our mold removal services can help, visit our website to see our complete list of services when it comes to getting the mold out of your home or business.

Waterproofing Solutions in Peoria, Illinois

One of the best ways to limit the risk of mold entering your home is with a professional waterproofing solutions company. Luckily for you, Stabilize has extensive knowledge about groundwater conditions and provide an in-depth review of potential ways that moisture can infiltrate your basement or crawlspace. Our team offers several options that are designed to limit the costs in order to correct these problems. Whether it’s a waterproofing agent that helps eliminate moisture into your basement that helps prevent mold growth, or if you are currently dealing with excessive water conditions and need it removed in a quick and efficient manner. The ones to call for the task are our friendly professionals at Stabilize.

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Professional 24/7 Damage Restoration in Peoria, Illinois

Whenever you are dealing with damage to your home, fire or water, it can be an incredibly stressful situation. Stabilize is committed to alleviating that stress with our fire damage restoration and water damage restoration service that we offer 24 hours, 7 days a week to those living in the Peoria, Illinois area. Water damage restoration is important to correct immediately otherwise, the results can be catastrophic and expensive. Not only do excessive amounts of water run the risk of electrical hazards, but it also can severely damage your concrete foundation, furniture, and lead to the growth of hazardous mold. In other words, many more problems can stem from excessive moisture in your home which is why it is important to contact our team of damage restoration professionals at Stabilize the minute you notice a problem. While you wait for us (won’t be long) to show up, read about the first thing you should do once you notice a problem.

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Why Choose Stabilize?

Our company offers integrity. With more than 35 years of experience, you know that you’re getting the best when you hire Stabilize, Inc., for your mold or waterproofing project. We maintain close contact with our clients and re-inspect work and services to make sure there are no future problems that could arise. Our goal is to perform high-quality work for every single one of our customers.