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Mold Testing Springfield IL

Testing for mold is the responsible thing to do because your family or co-workers depend on a clean environment to live and work healthily. When mold spreads, not only does the chance of respiratory disease increase, but its increase can also lead to structural damage in your home or building, significantly putting occupants at risk.


Through mold testing in Springfield IL, homeowners and business owners can determine whether a mold problem exists before it even grows out of hand. Therefore, you should seek professional mold testing and removal experts such as our certified technicians at Stabilize Inc..


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Mold Testing Procedures


There are a number of ways which an area or building is tested for mold. Generally speaking, the mold testing process requires that a sample of either the air or a surface in an area be taken. Thereafter, a mold inspector tests the area of concern to determine the type of mold that exists. The inspector also checks whether the mold found is able to grow in the area tested. In this way, the professional can create an appropriate remediation plan if in case an area needs immediate attention.


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Testing Through Air


Mold inspectors take and analyze samples of air in a number of different ways. One of the most common processes involves the use of a spore trap. This sample is called a spore trap sample. These traps work when a set volume of air passes through a sticky surface and through the spore trap sampling device. Most air particles also hit this sticky surface and consequently stick to this surface.


The spores make up some of these air particles and also are caught on the sticky medium inside the spore trap. The spore trap is then sent to the mold testing laboratory for analysis. The mold laboratory technician analyzes the spore trap and identifies and quantifies the types of mold spores obtained.


Mold Surface Testing


Mold surface testing can be performed in a number of different ways. First, a sampled area can be physically removed and sent to the laboratory for testing. This is called a bulk sample and can be costly. However, this sampling technique can be the most effective.


The second method is the swab sample, where a cotton swab is rubbed on an area and sent to the laboratory for testing. Finally, a piece of clear tape can be pressed against the area being sampled, capturing any mold present on the surface. The tape is then sent to the laboratory for analysis.


Certified Mold Testing in Springfield, IL


To ensure that your family or workers are safe in your homes or offices, test your premises for mold today with Stabilize Inc. For many years, we have been providing reliable mold testing services that have resulted in removal or remediation plans that ensure healthy environments for building occupants.


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