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Mold Testing in Decatur IL

Mold Testing in Decatur IL


Mold Testing Decatur IL


Mold testing is a logical first step to knowing whether your home or office building is safe for occupancy. If you are buying a house, then you should consider mold testing as one of the procedures that you must perform because mold can bring different health and structural problems later on. Different types of mold may have different effects; some may be more toxic than others, but no mold is healthy. Therefore, testing for mold in your Decatur IL home is an important step in ensuring that your premises are free of the harmful pest.


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The true source of a mold problem is water infiltration. Therefore, part of mold testing should be water assessment. A professional mold inspector will arrive at an area with a moisture sensor, scanning every area of a home for the presence of water and determine where water is infiltrating the home to cause mold and rot. As mold thrives in moisture, checking for moisture and water is an important step in mold testing.


When to Test for Mold


Mold testing is not necessary if there is an obvious problem. For example, if there is a known leak in your roof that has led to mold grown in an identified area, then remediation should take place immediately. This includes fixing the roof and removing the mold appropriately. Furthermore, mold testing is not required when visible signs of the mold are present. Mold removal should immediately follow to resolve the existing problem.


Mold testing is needed, however, for instances where the mold problem is not obvious or when parts of a home that are out of reach must be inspected. For example, when buying a new home, evidence of a water or mold problem that has been covered up can be easily identified with mold testing. In addition, hidden parts of a home such as support beams, under floor boards, or behind wall panels should be checked for mold in order to determine whether removal and remediation processes should follow.


Lastly, not all mold tests are conclusive. False negatives and false positives sometimes occur, especially with inexperienced mold technicians, processes, and equipment. Although the results of mold testing provide important information, sometimes other steps are also needed, including a good visual inspection of the property, thorough checkup of the parts of a structure, and water sources that could possibly cause mold growth.


Expert Mold Testing in Decatur IL


Finding a professional mold inspector is similar to finding a good doctor or mechanic. As the health of the occupants of your building is at stake, it is important to correctly test your building for the presence of mold. Stabilize Inc. invests its time and effort to ensure that mistakes and poor testing techniques will never happen. Through our proven mold inspection methods and techniques, and our affordable rates, you can have a clean and healthy home or building. Stabilize Inc. is the name to trust for mold testing in Decatur IL. Contact us today.


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