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Mold Testing in Bloomington IL

Mold Testing Bloomington IL


Mold Testing Bloomington IL


Indoor air that is contaminated with mold can be a very serious issue that results in different associated human health implications. High levels of humidity, water leaks from obvious and unknown places, improper ventilation, structures or structural elements that are built closely together, and condensation from air conditioning systems and humidifiers are the most common factors that influence the growth and distribution of these micro-organisms. Therefore, mold testing should be a standard annual procedure not only for homes and buildings that are up for sale but also for existing ones that are occupied.

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A mold testing report will yield the certainty that there is no mold problem on your property or a potential investment. By sampling for mold and fungi, homeowners and business owners can have a useful method for isolating and identifying the causes of health problems related to mold, including skin irritation, nasal congestion, throat irritation, coughing, and difficulty of breathing. Furthermore, mold testing ensures that those that have allergies from mold can be protected from severe reactions. As people get infected with mold, their immune system becomes compromised, and they incur chronic lung illnesses such as obstructive lung disease.


Signs of a Mold Problem


While Stabilize Inc. can perform professional mold testing in Bloomington IL, some signs should be observed for a potential mold problem. This includes odor in a certain area of a home or building. A strong, moldy odor in hidden places such as behind walls, in a ceiling space or in the duct of an AC system can indicate a mold issue. Determining the exact place of a hidden mold contamination can be performed through different techniques such as air testing, which is an area of expertise of Stabilize Inc. This process is important as any type of mold, whether alive or dead, can still cause allergic reactions in some people. Thus, it is not enough to kill the mold, but it should also be removed.


Visible mold growth is an obvious sign of mold infestation, but small amounts of mold can be mistakenly taken for dirt or soot. Often, people simply ignore visible mold growth or wipe them out like a simple stain, unknowingly spreading the pest in other places of the home. Therefore, if you see mold growth, regardless of size, it is wise to take action immediately. The professionals at Stabilize Inc. can help you with mold testing to ensure that you do not have a mold problem that spreads to the other rooms of your home or building. With Stabilize Inc. you can protect your family or workers from the harmful effects of mold.


Mold Testing Experts in Bloomington IL


For many years, Stabilize Inc. has provided reliable mold testing services in Bloomington IL and surrounding areas. With our help, families and companies can go about their daily routine safely and healthily. Mold is never a good news to any household. Thus, it is our job to test your premises for mold so that we can perform necessary remediation. By doing so, we ensure a healthy environment for you.


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Professional Mold Testing in Bloomington - Stabilize Inc.


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