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Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL

Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL


Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL


Basement waterproofing is an important construction component that results in a structurally sound home that is safe to live in. Stabilize Inc. is an expert in waterproofing your basement using cost-effective methods and minimal time and effort. Our processes have allowed us to perform waterproofing services as standard procedures in new construction jobs and renovations. General contractors find it very easy to work with us, as we do the job quickly and right the first time. No room for error here, when it comes to basement waterproofing in Bloomington IL, Stabilize is the name to trust.


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Why Waterproof Your Basement?


A damp basement is a very common problem in Bloomington homes both old and new. Basements that leak are the perfect formation grounds of mildew and mold that can damage the walls and flooring of a basement, regardless of material. These pests make a house less livable, as occupants have a basement that is only good for storage, sometimes not even. Mold growth can even spread to the upstairs, which increases health risks among occupants. Without basement waterproofing, you put your family at risk.


In addition, having a basement with poor to no waterproofing means that the structural liability is increased, and if not resolved will prove to be a disadvantage when coming to sell. Not only do you put your family or workers at risk for fall injuries, you also damage your home unknowingly because the infestations are places where you never notice. By waterproofing your basement, you protect your family, home, and investment.


What Causes a Leak?


A basement leak is primarily caused by a faulty exterior wall or one that doesn't exist. As water flows downhill, it may flow to your driveway or lawn and into your home. This water accumulates in the soil surrounding your home and exerts pressure on the floors and walls of your home's basement. In fact, your basement wall may end up being a dam for the water, not having the strength to hold it.


If your basement wall has weak spots or cracks that can be infiltrated, then water can penetrate the wall and enter the basement. This water delivers destructive salts that create a moist, musty, and unhealthy basement. Mold can start to grow, and health issues can emerge. Furthermore, you will never notice this effect especially if the crack is very small and the leak occurs slowly.


Quality Basement Waterproofing in Bloomington IL


While many may believe that the easiest fix would be to excavate the wall, this option is not the most viable because of its high cost. An easy and economical alternative is basement waterproofing by Stabilize Inc. We take care of everything from cracks to pipe penetrations, which are the most common entry points for basement seepage. Our proven methods are trusted by many contractors, homeowners, and business owners. Our minimal disruptive policy means that we reduce interruption to building operations and cut loss of business or work time due to our tasks. Contact us today for more information about our services.


Professional Basement Waterproofing in Bloomington IL - Stabilize Inc.


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